How often should I get my carpets deep cleaned?

Most people consider carpet deep cleaning when they notice that the carpet appears filthy and regular vacuum cleaning is not doing the trick. It’s most definitely the time for a deep carpet cleaning. In reality however that carpet was probably due a deep clean for months or years. Everyday traffic especially from pets and kids will deposit all sorts of filth in the carpets and will require regular professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning. How regular you use a professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning method will be dependent on the type of your carpet and its use in your home.
Just by a conservative estimate, if your carpet gets moderate foot traffic then you should consider having it cleaned at least once a year. You can go a little longer if you have infrequently-used carpets. If it’s a carpet that gets a lot of foot traffic then you should consider having your carpets deep cleaned at least every 3 months. This is especially true if respiratory-sensitive or allergic people live in the household, or if you have pets.
Here is a guide and with facts that should be considered when working out how often you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned with a hot water extraction method: The factors that determine the frequency of how often its required are: traffic, vacuuming and spot cleaning frequency, and soil level.
Always follow the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations this will help you preserve the quality of your carpet and maintain a long life span.
Low foot traffic: If you vacuum your carpet once a week, you should have deep carpet cleaning once a year.
Medium foot traffic: If you have kids, you are probably vacuuming twice a week and therefore consider getting you carpets deep cleaned every 6 months.
Heavy foot traffic: If it’s a household with kid, pets and smokers then you would be vacuuming 3 to 4 times a week, and need to have your carpets cleaned every 3 months.
Extreme foot traffic: Large families with multiple pets will require daily vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning every 2 months.
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Now that you have worked out how regularly you need to have your carpets cleaned, you are half way there to maintaining long life, hygienically and visually clean carpets. We can complement that knowledge by helping you prolong the life and quality of your home’s carpet with the help of our carpet technicians and commercial carpet cleaning, machines. Consider hiring a Property People professional carpet cleaner for your deep carpet cleaning, you will be amazed with the results


In very low foot traffic areas, carpets can go up to a year between deep cleans, but in the case of high foot traffic spots, they may need to be professionally deep cleaned with a hot water extraction method, every three months. Homes with pets, smokers, children and an extreme foot traffic should have their carpets professionally deep cleaned four times a year.